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The Perfect Clock for NERDS

Posted on 25 October 2007 by DeanHunt

This has to be the ultimate clock for nerds:

The Perfect Clock for NERDS

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  1. Cool Costumes Says:

    I’m happy to know I’m not a nerd, the time I’m trying to decode that, I think one hour will already pass. (fortunately, the minutes are not indicated).

  2. Jerad Kaliher Says:

    I was laughing the moment that clock popped up in my RSS reader. Now I simply need to know where to get one!

  3. Psychotic Apes Says:

    lol well it’s 1 step above the binary clock.

  4. Rainbow Says:

    That sucks, the binary clock is way better.
    I solved them all at first glance, i’m sure you can too if you just try.

  5. sunny Says:

    It’s a funny clock and I want buy one for my friend on, and co you think it is neccesary? So how to get it?

  6. Alex in T.O. Says:

    That’s one inane clock.
    Just look at 3 o’clock-radical 9 +9-9!

  7. Inder Says:

    It looks sorta like Kakashi sensei’s new SHARINGAN!

    Now that… was a nerdy comment.

  8. Kia Kroas Says:

    It’s interesting I gotta say, but I sure would prefer a radian watch over that. Maybe I’m TOO nerdy…

  9. « 9 said »« 9 said »« 9 Says:

    it’s kind of clever how the clock seems to use 3 9′s to express all the numbers- except for the number “1″. it looks like 1 o’clock is expressed as (9/9), or am i missing something because of the reflection? how about radical 9 times radical nine over nine?

  10. TheCydonian Says:

    They fudged it a bit for the number 7…the equation actually equals 6.99999999999… but still a cool clock.

  11. hirak99 Says:

    The clock has 1=(9/9)^9.

  12. MathGeek? Says:

    6 + .9 repeating is equivalent to 6 + 1

  13. MathGeek? Says:

    also, maybe 1 is (.9 repeating / 9) * 9 ? that would use 3 9s

  14. Brian Says:

    9 said:
    I think #1 is (9/9)^9, so it does use 3 9′s.

    6.9999999… IS 7, for an infinite series of 9s, and that’s what 9-bar is.

  15. Lotean Says:

    I found that the square root of 9! minus nine over nine is really 601.3952191 and whatever my calculator missed. It’s still a god idea though.

  16. Lynx Says:

    It’s (sqrt(9))! – (9/9). So 3! which is 1 x 2 x 3 or 6, minus 9/9 or 1. So it does in fact come out to 5. :)

  17. kothz Says:

    6.9, 6.99, 6.99…9999999, 6 + .9 repeating for an infinity of trailing 9s is *not* 7. :) It’s just infinitesimally close to 7, and it gets closer with each additional 9.

    You math geeks should be ashamed. Go stand in your corner. :)

  18. Dylan Says:

    In mathematics, the recurring decimal 0.999… , which is also written as 0.\bar{9} , 0.\dot{9} or \ 0.(9), denotes a real number equal to 1. In other words, “0.999…” represents the same number as the symbol “1″.

  19. nick Says:

    0.999… is = 1 EXACTLY.

    kothz said »
    You math geeks should be ashamed. Go stand in your corner. :)

    maybe YOU should be ashamed for trying to correct maths geeks ;)

  20. Emilie Says:

    wow…this is retarded

    root 9 is 3.
    root .9 is .3

    the rest is super simple.

    godd…it takes like 2 seconds to figure out!

  21. What? Says:

    “0.999… = 1″? NO! 1=1 and 0.999…=0.999…, but 1.000… isn’t equal to 0.999…. It’s like saying 5 is equal 3763782347!

  22. Rick Says:

    9^(9-9) would have been nice for 1

  23. Jeff Says:


    n=0.9 repeating
    10n=9.9 repeating

  24. Jeff Says:

    Also, there’s a more complex diagonalization and cardinality proofs to accomplish the same thing. They have the same end result as the above proof which is used to find the actual value of repeating decimals.

  25. andy Says:

    this clock has made me depressed because i was able to work them out easily!!

  26. Zachary Voase Says:

    Also, Emilie, just because root(9) is 3, root(.9) is NOT .3 : it’s (3/root(10)), which is some big decimal thingy. The reason being that .9 is 9/10, so root(x/y) = root(x)/root(y) = root(9)/root(10) = 3/root(10). et voila. it all works out (and 6.9 recurring IS equal to 7, it’s been proven above.)

  27. Ginger Mayerson Says:

    Looks like you can buy this and several other designs here

  28. James Says:


    I want this clock. Where did they find it and how do I buy one?

  29. john Says:

    Some of them can tell the time. Some of them can count,but none of them know where to get the damn clock.

  30. Prism Says:

    Anyone know where I can get this, or a watch like this?

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