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Experience Is Better Than Education

Posted on 28 March 2007 by DeanHunt

Experience Is Better Than Education

There is so much focus on getting a good education these days, but is further education really so useful?

Let’s be honest, what does further education really entail for the average student? more than likely it will be three years spent drinking, sleeping with your best friends girlfriend, and studying for exams the night before the test.

I spent three years studying business studies, and when I left I got a job and spent the first 2 days learning how to use the till.

Three years where I was supposed to be learning all aspects of business, and I couldn’t use the till.

I am not saying all education is worthless, far from it. A solid education is fundamental to give you the foundations of character, knowledge and decision making. But further education is often just a piece of paper.

There is only so much you can learn from books, and hands on practice will beat that every time.

Let’s do an example, find someone who has never driven a car, then give them a few videos of Nascar racing, then give them a book on how to drive a car. Let them watch the videos and read the book and then put them in the car, my bet is that they will fail to get the car to the end of the street.

If I was hiring someone I would choose someone with one years experience over a 5 year education EVERY TIME.

Education = a piece of paper says I can do this
Experience = I have done this


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  1. Harry Says:

    Something I have learned is that the ‘paper’ is only important to those who have paper. People who focus more on experience tend to be the ones making their way on their experience. If you’re looking at an academically dominated field, better to have paper every time.

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I will let the author set the scene:

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