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University Course For Spammers

Posted on 08 March 2007 by DeanHunt

I read this morning that a university in America is teaching SEO (Search engine optimization).

It won’t be long before a university launches a course to teach people how to spam. Imagine what that would be like:



SUBMISSION: When applying to a spammers university course you should not only apply to the university of your choice, you should automate the process and apply to every university in America.

CLONING: If you cannot be bothered to go to class, simply hire someone who looks like you to sit in your seat during the class and then take the credit for their work.

CLOAKING: Remove the sign from the girls changing room and put it outside your campus room. ;-)

CONTENT: Instead of writing your own assignment simply find 10 related articles and use a text randomizer to create a brand new assignment.

THEFT: When the teacher is not looking, simply erase the name of another students work and replace it with your own.

: When applying for a job simply send an e-mail to every employer in your state. Scrape the contact details from local business directories and e-mail as many employers as possible. You are more likely to get a job if you include the promise of an extra 2″ of penis length for your future boss.

IDENTITY: When applying for the spammers university course it is best not to use your real name and address.


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This is a viral video from Youtube that is getting a lot of attention.

I will let the author set the scene:

It was back in Oct 2005.

My wedding was about a month to go and I decided to make a memorable event for my future wife. But, I and she were working and due to preparation of wedding, I didn’t have enough budgets for expensive proposal. While I was considering for the event, I remembered what she said in the past. “Wow it would be great if I can get a chance to go in the room with full of yellow post it just like Sang Sang Plus” (Sang Sang Plus is one of the famous talk show (TV program) in Korea and they prepare a room with full of yellow post it – questions from fans to famous celebrity)

I wrote all the happy memories that I had with my wife in 5,940 post it. It took me 4 days & 5 nights to write everything and post it in the bathroom. (I tried main living room first, but, due to surface of wallpaper, I had to change the place) Once we back from honeymoon, we took all the post it off and kept it in the box until now.

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