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Nopers. The “Wow” doesn’t start Now.

Posted on 30 January 2007 by John

Windows Vista Launch

Found this at Seth Godin’s blog where he very rightly observed that none of the Microsoft Execs seems to be smiling at Vista’s Launch. Maybe because they were supposed to smile four years ago when Vista was supposed to be originally launched?

Com’on guys! Show some passion and excitement for your stuff. Or else, why should I be excited if you yourself are not?

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  1. John Says:

    That picture says it all! I certainly dont feel any excitement or “wow” after looking it at.

    And why should they be excited? The OS has already been exploited, people are complaining thats its bloated, hate the fact that its infested with DRM and worst of all, people aren’t feeling the strong need to upgrade.

    Microsoft is in a tough position to revolutionize the user experience while keeping the familiarity that users are comfortable with and ensuring that the OS is compatible with the ad-hock applications rolled out in the enterprise market space, their bread and butter.

    Microsoft doesn’t have the flexibility it needs to meet all three objectives so what do they do? Roll out 100 flavors of the same OS.

    This might have been the time for Miscrosoft to divide and conquer. One OS for the home user and small office enviroment focused on the bells and whistles and a second OS for the enterprise users geared towards compatibility and server level application management.

    But… as you said, this was six years in the making. Maybe this will happen in ten more.

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